Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is one of the sites I love most because of its many benefits. It offers Multiple Streams of Income through it's Paid to Click script as well as its Forced Matrix System.

When you register, you will get $0.10 upon signing-up.

How does it work?
You view websites for 30 seconds via the "View Ads" page. Once the few seconds is up, you'll either get a 'V' sign that means you've earned money for the visit.

Just a rule of thumb, it is in their Terms of Service that a
ny account modification request is charged $0.50 directly to your account. So better make sure you finalize your account before saving it.

All payments are made via AlertPay and no other payment method is being used for the time being.
If You don't login to your account for over 30 days, your account will be deactivated

Bux Earning Example
You click 10 ads per day = $0.07
20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $0.8
Your daily earnings = $0.87
Your weekly earnings = $6.090
Your monthly earnings = $26.10

The above example is based on an avarage of 20 referrals and 10 daily clicks as an Upgraded Member.

Bux-Matrix is really a win-win system.


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